As China is growing & spreading their business rapidly throughout the world. It’s a huge opportunity for the world and of course for China itself, but there are many barriers in the way. The first and big barrier/issue is the ‘language’.

In the world, most Chinese can not speak or understand English or anyother asian languages . Everybody including you and me thinks that Chinese is a very difficult language.

Well, it’s not the truth anymore. Anything you are not familiar with is of course difficult but as soon as you get to know it. It is totally your cup of tea.

So I started learning Chinese language and during my learning process I got to know a thing that;


so being an Asian I am very grateful for it, that we Asians are usually bilingual. Bilingual person’s mind helps a lot in learning a new language. Similarities between Asian languages is another helpful reason. Almost every Asian language has formal language patterns and sounds are very familiar to each other.