Reason 1: Why China is Successful?

Friends, have you ever noticed that when a powerful person comes in contact with us, we do feel a little pressure of his / her presence. Obviously, this is a natural behavioral reaction. The same is the case with countries and nations; groups and companies. We are bound to bow in front of them; politically, economically, and in terms of military or monetary powers.

Now, instead of just feeling their pressure, the wise people also try to know what makes such people powerful. As hinted, it’s their common habits as a nation, which make them a superior nation. And if they continue with the same set of these good habits, they are more likely to stay powerful in the future.

Let’s talk about China. So what are the good habits of the Chinese nation?

Here, we will dig down into what are the good habits of Chinese people that make them successful. The first thing is their Punctuality.

We need to ponder over a point: the time given to us is a set of moments. These very moments combine into seconds, these seconds into adds-up to minutes; then hours; days; weeks; months; years; decades. And this is what our lives are made of. That’s it!

Now, the people who try to utilize every moment of their lives, inevitably get success in the end. This is because they invest their best assets for future growth. This not just applies to individual personalities but also to nations. No matter where you live if you are punctual, chances of success are greater.

And for us Pakistanis, a big icon of punctuality was our own Quaid-e-Azam, Muhammad Alii Jinnah. Interestingly, he was born in times when our nation had not won independence. But still, he had habits of success in him, so he always gave importance to punctuality.

People who are in contact with the Chinese, know this very well, whether the Chinese people are in their own country or anywhere… They are punctual.

This was the point one for Success. More to come, so read on.