Mandarin Chinese Training for Your Business

The importance of learning Chinese for business is no longer a prediction; it is something smart businesses are well aware of.

According to Bloomberg, Chinese is the top language for business other than English. And why not when, Beijing now hosts the 2nd largest number of Fortune 500 companies Headquarters.

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Corporate Chinese Training Program

In this perspective, are you doing business with Chinese partners or have future plans? If so, let us help you bridge the language and cultural gap! The result would be your direct business growth.

Our Chinese corporate training programs give you and your employees the skills necessary to succeed with Chinese partners here and abroad. Be them in regular sessions or in workshop formats, they cover the essential language skills, common business practices and the specialized vocabulary used in multi-lingual business environments

The reasons to have Corporate Chinese Training Program are endless. Some benefits include:

  1. Ability to connect with clients directly, reduce possible misunderstandings and build strong relationship bonds on a first language basis.
  2. Acquire insight into Chinese culture and values.
  3. Gain strategic position to understand Chinese purchasing behavior.
  4. Strengthen communications with collaborators or branch offices in China.
  5. Extra competitive edge to differentiate your company against competitors.

While our Corporate Sector knows well about OBOR, BRI; their value as the game changers worldwide, and especially CPEC’s importance for Pakistani Businesses..

… for them now, the question about learning Chinese is NOT … Why

… but WHEN & How?

Program Higlights

ILO: Intended Learning Objectives

  • To develop ability to build good rapport between you and your Chinese counterparts.
  • A better understanding of the similarities and differences in Chinese and Pakistani culture.
  • An overview and understanding of the most common business language Stuff.
  • Experiential and interactive language skills learning.
Corporate Chinese

Corporate Solutions

Many organizations have realized the benefits of knowing Language & culture of world’s fastest-growing economy. Whether your company is looking to expand to China, reach new clients, or simply improve communication between Chinese speaking Businesses, we can help by developing training to suit your budget and objectives.

Standard Course

Standard Business Chinese Programs – 10 weeks. I covers general business needs.

Our corporate Standard Course breaks down the most common barriers to language retention. With our unique teaching methods, your staff will be able to communicate in most business and social situations in as little as one to three weeks.

Customized Courses

Customized program as per your requirements; covers vocabulary unique to your business sector or industry.

It enables you to do business faster and more efficiently across complex Chinese markets. A pre-course survey to help us create customized study plans designed to match unique learning styles and goals


Day-long Corporate workshops (In-house or at Axinstitute location).

Gain a better understanding of Chinese business culture and learn to use common business vocabulary.
Recommended for Companies, who can’t spare time to learn Chinese, but need to Improve Communication & Negotiation with Chinese.

Most Common Categories of Nominees

Different Companies and Banks who are getting benefited for their organizations are lies in different categories like:

The Bosses – Customer Service teams – Sales Marketing Staff – Procurement team – Bankers – Engineers

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Most common categories of Nominees:

Different Companies and Banks who are getting benefited for their organisations are lies in different categories like:

  • The Bosses
  • Customer Service teams
  • Sales Marketing Staff
  • Procurement team
  • and others