Private Chinese
( One on One Chinese )

Learn Mandarin Chinese online:

  • With flexible schedules of your choice

  • Customized Chinese tuition
    ( 1 on 1 Chinese )

  • Dedicated recording portal for revision & practice

  • Int’l exam helpdesk, with Alumni networking support


Imagine You Could..

☑️ Do Business with Chinese without Communication Problem
☑️ Negotiate Better with Chinese Speaking Business: Get Best Price
☑️ Shine in the Chinese Companies Recruitment Process

Sound Like a Dream? But It isn’t. Unlock Door to Endless Opportunities with Chinese in 3 Months


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Monthly Payment

  • PKR 5,000/hour
  • 8 Classes per Month (Total 24 Classes in 3 Months)

Lumpsum Payment

  • PKR 4,075/hour
  • 9 Classes per Month (Total 27 Classes in 3 Months)

An Online 1 on 1 Functional Chinese tuition with an expert certified, and known teacher

Focused customization means Chinese learning & practice, aligned with your style

Lecture recording & flexible scheduling, make studying possible in busy routines

Best if you want quick conversation skills, with knowledge of the culture