Private Chinese
( One on One Chinese )

Learn Mandarin Chinese online:

  • With flexible schedules of your choice

  • Customized Chinese tuition
    ( 1 on 1 Chinese )

  • Dedicated recording portal for revision & practice

  • Int’l exam helpdesk, with Alumni networking support

Chinese language tutions

Features & Benefits

This Private Chinese language course, by Axinstitute of Chinese language, is a swift way to learn Chinese online. The course is also known as Personalized Customized Chinese. It is a time-tested program with well-designed online Mandarin lessons. The beauty of this Mandarin Chinese course lies in its focused sessions. These are highly customized to your own needs:

1. be you are a businessman or professional,

2. or your vision is capacity building for a better future,

3. or you want to learn Chinese language to pursue studies in China.

Secondly, this purpose-driven online Chinese language course is a one on one Chinese lesson plan. It is chalked-out and imparted by an internationally certified, expert Chinese language trainer, Asim Qadri (Chinese name Āxìn / 阿信). He is the founder and core trainer of Axintitute of Chinese language, Karachi.

Thirdly, this online Mandarin course allows you, the Chinese language learner, to take an active part in shaping-up elements of your own curriculum. Such a high level of course customization ensures that you are going to acquire Mandarin Chinese language skills you needs; all based on your goals. This simply means that the main emphasis of our Chinese language institute is to offer to you, a goal-based system for the Chinese language learning. This is to build your capacity for the business with the Chinese counterparts, travel conversation, professional activities or academic requirements. In other words, it is a 1-on-1 Chinese tuition with great flexible features; with main parameters in your control. For example, the core elements of your online Chinese language course, the plan details of Mandarin course, duration and class frequency per week.

In addition to this Functional Chinese language learning, these Private Mandarin classes also enrich you with the worthy knowledge about Chinese culture, especially, Chinese business-culture. One more important feature is also there: it essentially includes your field-specific vocabulary learning and role play practice sessions. This helps you a lot in your business; your field; or studies. So depending upon your focus, it may be named as Business Chinese classes or Commercial Chinese lessons or Technical Chinese course. This includes hand-picked tips about Chinese non-verbal communication and situational language. This is extremely valuable information about the Do’s & Dont’s of Chinese Cultural Taboos. This kind of comprehensive online Chinese language course makes the Chinese language learner feel more confident while communicating with the native speakers, in own country or abroad; in-person or in live meetings. It helps them during negotiation, purchasing, bargaining, selling; corporate meetings & interactions, and other business & professional activities. On a lighter note, whether you call it Mandarin Chinese or Chinese language; or China language, for that matter these Chinese classes will certainly help you, anyway.

In a nutshell, the focus of the one-on-one Chinese, or you may call it the one on one Chinese Mandarin Tuition, is to develop in you, the specific language skills. Skills for Functional Chinese or Business Chines or Commercial Chinese or Technical Chinese skills; if you want name a few. As well as to instill in you the cultural and traditional knowledge; all is for your better interaction and targeted results.

1 on 1 Online Chinese course
– Mandarin classes –

Choose your medium: Urdu, and English

An Online 1 on 1 Functional Chinese tuition with an expert certified, and known teacher

Focused customization means Chinese learning & practice, aligned with your style

Lecture recording & flexible scheduling, make studying possible in busy routines

Best if you want quick conversation skills, with knowledge of the culture

Personalized Chinese language - Online

ONLINE Private Chinese

Similar Features

  • One-on-One Chinese
    individually or in small group
    ( Mandarin tuition )
  • A Personalized Chinese course Customizable as per targets
  • Online Chinese learning-aids
  • Chinese language skills with business-culture knowledge
  • More time for Chinese language conversation

Unique Aspects (for online)

  • Online Chinese course
  • More flexible scheduling
  • Access to recorded lectures
  • Service available globally 24/7
  • Pakistan:
    PKR 4,500 – 7,500 /prsn / hr
  • Abroad:
    $35 to 55 /prsn / hr
Personalized Chinese language - tuition

In-person Private Chinese



Similar Features

  • 1-on-1 Chinese
    individually or in small group
    ( Mandarin tuition )
  • A Personalized Chinese course Customizable as per targets
  • Online Chinese learning-aids
  • Chinese language skills with business-culture knowledge


  • Certified expert trainer
  • More time for Chinese language conversation

Unique Aspects (for In-person)

  • In-person Chinese course
  • Less flexible scheduling
  • Without recording
  • Only in Karachi
  • Karachi, Pakistan:
    PKR 7,500 – 9,500 / prsn /hr

Methodology & Outline

In these online classes with Axinstitute, you interact with an instructor in a digital one-on-one environment. These live, instructor-led Mandarin lessons feature the same level Chinese language techniques as in-person classes. The instructor speaks in the language of your choice (Urdu or English).

All online Mandarin course soft material would be provided by our Chinese language School. This would also include all necessary Chinese language practice stuff. And to ensure that you interactively learn Chinese language, the course content would be audio-visual in nature.

All through the Private Mandarin classes learning, several multi-dimensional activities will be there. It will be an optimal mix of the teacher’s lectures, solo practice and role-plays with the teacher, or with the classmates (if any)

During these China language classes, we mean Chinese lessons, a focused but customized Chinese outline will be followed. It will be in line to your stage of Chinese language learning, like:

1 Chinese language orientation
2 Phonetics, pronunciation, tones
3. Foundation vocabulary building
4. Grammar and sentence structure
5. General conversation skill practice
6. Field-specific Mandarin learning & conversations

The last point specifically would depend upon your main target, that is to learn Chinese for your specific needs: Functional Chinese, Business Chinese, Commercial Chinese, Technical Chinese; or a mix of them. All is possible, and we are here to help you with the fine tuning of your course. You can go ahead now with the enrollment procedure; as explained below.

Enrollment procedure

  1. Register for Free Trial Class (form below)
  2. Attend the trial Class – Discuss your goals there
  3. Mention your choice:
    1-on-1 Chinese individual or small group
  4. Get a quote & payment details
  5. Make online payments
  6. Start Chinese language learning

It means, that during the above process of your enrollment, the expert teachers at Axinstitute for Chinese language will fine-tune a customized course plan. As discussed, this will be according to your Mandarin learning needs and targets. Based upon which, an hourly price quotation will be calculated and provided to you. Upon payments from your side, classes will be scheduled; and your focused learning through Mandarin lessons will start. And it will continue till you want.

Finally, again, call it simply Chinese language course; or Mandarin learning; or studying China language; these are all the same. You are welcome in our 1 on 1 Chinese classes. Just start with a free trial class by filling in the Trial Class Registration Form, which is given below.