Family members are the closest element of any person in his life. In every language, there are different words that address a family member or any close relation. Today we are gonna tell you the most used Vocabulary for family members in Chinese language.

The first and most important members of a family are the grandparents. Who are the foundation and well-wishers of every member of a family.

  1. Grand Parents:

    The words used to address the parents of your father or mother are

    Grandfather = Zǔfù 祖

    Grandmother = Zǔmǔ 祖母

  2. Parents:
    In China, kids call their parents by using these words

    Father = Bàba 爸爸

    Mother = Māmā 妈妈

  3. Spousal:

    The spouses in china address their counterparts by

    Husband = Zhàngfū 丈夫

    Wife = Qīzi 妻子

  4. Children:

    The words for calling your son or the daughter are

    Son = Érzi 儿子

    Daughter = Nǚ’ér 女儿

  5. Siblings:

    In English or Urdu, there are additional words with a main word for the siblings but in Chinese, there are separate words for every sibling, which are

    Brother = Xiōngdì 兄弟

    Sister = Jiě 姐姐

  6. Elder siblings:

    In a Chinese family, almost all siblings are addressed differently. The Words for Elder siblings are:

    Elder Sister = Jiějiě 姐姐

    Elder Brother = Gēgē 哥哥

  7. Younger siblings:

    Chinese families have some names for the younger siblings too:

    Younger brother = Dìdì 弟弟

    Younger sister = Mèimei 妹妹

  8. Your parents’ siblings:

    Father’s brother = Uncle = Shūshu 叔叔

    Mother’s brother = Uncle = Jiù 舅

    Father’s or mother’s sister = Aunt = Yímā 姨妈

That’s all for now, let’s continue the lesson in the next blog.