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Chinese Language Courses
Chinese language corporate training by Axinstitute

Loved by Thousands of Business Professionals

Key Highlights

  • Live Classess + video lectures
  • Interective & Practical lessons
  • Smart Techniques – Quick Results
  • Do’s & Don’ts in Chinese Interaction
  • CPEC & Commercial opportunities tips
  • Fast-Track Int’l exam preparation (HSK)
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring & Placement Assistance
  • Video lectures & Real-life Audiovisual lessons
Market Chinese Language
Chinese language

Fast-track Group classes

  • The Star Online course
  • Business focused

  • Multiple time options

  • Easy & Direct approach

  • 3 self-sufficient modules

  • Video lectures support

  • Language & Business culture negotiation tips

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Corporate Chinese Langauge
Chinese language

Industry Specific program

  • Course & workshop

  • Corporate focused

  • Pragmatic & Interactive

  • Customized for High ROI

  • Video lectures support

  • Language & Business culture negotiation tips

  • Target based quote

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Private Chinese Language
Chinese language

Personalized learning

  • Online Flexible course
  • Choice focused
  • Easy & Direct approach
  • Practice intensive sessions
  • Target customized tips
  • Video lectures support
  • Available in اردو & Eng
  • PKR 4,000-7,000 / hour
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Kiddy Chinese Language
Chinese language

Fun Mandarin for Kids

  • Online Group learning
  • Kids activities focused
  • For 7-13 years age

  • Engaging outline
  • 2 Self-sufficient modules
  • Involving role-plays
  • Interactive class
  • PKR 10,500 / module

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Learn and get Successful with Expert teachers, Smart Use of Technology and Helpful community behind you.

You are not alone. Gain Mandarin Chinese language skills and Cultural Understanding with Axinstitute’s expert teacher, Smart use of technology, and a community of thousand learners just like you, behind you.

  • Interactive class learning

Chinese language
  • Video Lectures

Chinese language
  • 1-on-1 Mentoring

Chinese language

Our Media Presence

With this passion & focus; thoroughness & hard work, the local and global media started to notice the founder’s great services in the language teaching domain. This was as early as the year 2013, when the China Daily – Asia Weekly, an international newspaper wrote about him (p29).

Now being in Teaching & Training for years, Asim Qadri and Axinstitute are well known in the field. One can see this in main stream media. For instance he and his Chinese Language Institute were interviewed, featured and covered several times. Here just to enlist a few: ARY NewsTv, Daily Dawn, The Friday Times- Weekly, and FM-105. Also in HUM news, Express-Tribune.

In social media too, the famous bloggers also started to mention Axinstitute as one of the top ranking Chinese language institutes of Pakistan, for example this one & this one. With increasing need and popularity of online classes, some vloggers also featured the institute’s Mandarin Class online success, like Mohsinini Resource Center and Language Time did recently.

Success of our Learners is our real Pride

This repeating success is in fact, across our all different courses in both formats. For example, after completing just Module-1 of our Business Chinese Language Course (namely Market Chinese), our learners get enough knowledge and motivation. With little more effort they can appear in Level 1 of HSK, which is the international certification backed by Chinese Government Language Authorities. In these exams, on average 85 to 99%; even some students are hitting 100% too. Although the primary audiences of Axinstitute are businessmen and professionals, however the students who want to study in China, they also are getting benefits of Axinstitute Help-desk for HSK Certification. HSK exams are conducted every month. In Pakistan, these are held at University of Karachi, University of Punjab in Lahore, and Numl University in Islamabad.

In Corporate Chinese, we have trained several individual Businessmen, Corporate in-house groups, or their in individual nominees. They are from multi-faceted strata of organizations; Media, Telecom, Textile, Shoes, Apparel, Seafood, Mega Event Management, Education, Heavy Machinery, Paint and Construction Industries are prominent. To name a few: IOdigital (Media house), Kansai Paints (Japanese company), afiniti (US-based software enterprise), Ecommerce Gateway (Int’l Exhibiters), Air China, Amreli Steels, UBL, Azal (Project Managers), Dawlance, Fatima Fertilizers, Service Long March Tyres, KElectric, plus a long list of individual businessmen and professionals. Many of the participants are actively into the Projects and ventures of Pakistan China Economic Corridor. (پاک چین اقتصادی راہداری)

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What is the take home for our learners?

On macro level, this all is playing important role in Pak-China friendship. On the individual level, Axinstitute for Chinese Language from the very first day focused on the training of Functional Chinese Language; catering fast track needs of the corporate sectors and the university students; also tapping for the learners CPEC, OBOR, BRI, Gwadar Port, or the Silk Road-related opportunities, globally. We think the fact also motivates our learners to learn Chinese language.