A direct approach for busy-bees

(those who are looking for a Practical Business Chinese Course which they can join and complete with their busy schedules)

The approach of Asim Qadri in teaching Chinese is an optimal mix of highly interactive sessions audiovisual aids and simulation-based learning. Thereby enabling the learner to communicate in functional spoken Chinese; quicker. Participants are taught the language mainly using Int’l Pīnyīn System (拼音), which is in use worldwide & in China successfully.

Asim Qadri’s this direct benefit-based approach is continuously helping his students in reaping business benefits, specially BRI / OBOR and CPEC related. above all in job seeking and similarly in starting the journey of becoming a Chinese language translator/interpreter.

Businessmen, professionals & students’ choice

The main strata of Asim Qadri’s students are Businessmen, Professionals and Students in famous Universities, and academies. His activities are spread over Axinstitute for Chinese language, famous universities/academies, corporate groups and private individuals.

In addition to Chinese, Asim Qadri, since 1997 being educationist and corporate trainer in disciplines like marketing, management & human communication above all he has been teaching; training variety of subjects at IBA (2001-2); different varsities and business enterprises too.

An MBA in Marketing has a passion for foreign languages learning & teaching, in addition, he completed his Mandarin course in 2010 a Diploma Certification from the Chinese Language Tutorial Center in Karachi.


Our core Trainer Asim Qadri teaches our main program

It covers General & Business needs up to the Foundation Stage.

This Program has Three modules each of Six Weeks.