8 words to help you order food in Chinese

If you are traveling with your Family /Friends /Colleagues and you guys decide to dine in a Chinese restaurant.. The waiter is asking you “Ni xiang dian shenme?” & now you are out of words just because you don’t know what to say!  Fear not! Here is the simplest way in which you can order food in Chinese.   This guide will help you order the food of your choice if you are traveling to China, Singapore or any other destinations in Asia (where most people speak Mandarin).

Although many Chinese menus have been translated into both Chinese dialects and English extensively, they often leave out some uncommon but important food items. Knowing these can save you a lot of embarrassment in front of your family or friends when ordering food in a Chinese restaurant. 

Words to use while ordering food in Chinese.

1. Shanshi: Meal
2. Peiliao: Ingredients
3. Dan: Egg
4. Ji: Chicken
5. Haixian: Seafood
6. Rou: Meat
7. Kuaican: Fastfood
8. Tiandian: Dessert

Above are the basic words that can help you order your food in Chinese according to your choice.