Everyone in this world knows China is the biggest country by population. But not everyone knows the reality of the Chinese nation. There are few people who know the facts of China that we are going to tell you today.

  1. Cave houses in China

    Cave houses in ChinaMore than 30 million people still live in caves chiseled out by themselves. Caves are the oldest method to live in a closed and protected environment. Chinese people build their homes themselves. Caves are usually warm in winter and cold in summer. The Chinese government has preserved most of the Shanxi province, for the people living in caves as it has the most number of caves built. The Chinese people are still following the living style of their ancestors, qing & min dynasties.

  2. Oldest running Chinese civilizationOldest running civilization

    With no doubt, you can also agree that China is the oldest civilization still running at its pace. Many sources tell that Chinese is almost 3500 years old civilization but in a recent interview with CNN, China’s ambassador to U.S. Cui Tiankai began his interview by saying “Actually, the Chinese civilization has been there for about 5,000 years, much longer than the United States.” this shows that Chinese people have preserved their knowledge and culture that made it possible for them to keep their civilization alive.

  3. The oldest writing systemOldest writing system

    The Chinese writing system is over 3,600 years old. Recently after unearthing ancient axe artifacts. Some scripts were like modern Chinese characters. Archaeologists said that the ax is 1400 years older than the oldest script found. This shows the importance and elderliness of the Chinese writing system.

  4. Armor of paper

    Paper armour
    The ancient Chinese dynasties used armor made of paper to protect themselves during a war. Because they did not have much more resources at that time, the ammunition was not so developed in that era. The paper armor was used in early 600 BC. It could be made up of layers of paper with resin or glue.

  5. Chinese Zodiac

    chinese zodiacThe Chinese zodiac is the lunar representation of each year according to Chinese culture. Each year is a lunar year named for different animals. Each year has a specific culture and effect on the individual’s personality. These lunar years are named with keeping their cultural practices in mind.

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