Market Chinese Course, Methodology

Are there any class assignments?

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Yes, it is very much there. What you learn in each class is connected with the assignment given at the end of each class, all integrated with your learning. But these assignments are easy to attempt, with tested big outcomes. These are usually audio assignments, you can instantly upload in [...]

Online Class mechanism?

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Audio Visual lesson Axinstitute’s Xtra Mile Club serves as another learning support for our senior students. You can call it our WhatsApp Alumni group. Here they keep on practicing and polishing their Chinese language skills.

I am very busy, how can I learn?

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We know most of our students are busy professionals and businessmen. Be at ease. First of all our lectures are direct and easy to understand. Because of the focused and interactive environment in our classes, our students pickup very fast in the class. To make it easier for them, several [...]

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