Yes, the teacher gives Chinese language class assignments for every lecture. Hence what you learn during each session helps you do this assignment. This system integrates your language learning process. 

These Chinese language class assignments are usually in audio format, and are couple of fairly easy tasks. So that you can instantly upload these tasks into your class whatsapp groups. You can attend these assignemnt tasks even during your busy schedules.

Usually Chinese language class assignements takes less than an hour to complete. Students upload assignements before the next lecture. Thereafter, in every next lecture, the teacher motivates the students to resolve the assignment collectively. This gives to them a real fun in learning through collective achievements.

In the end this all helps in Chinese language practice, also it enhances your learning experience.

Axinstitute sample chinese class assignment

Axinstitute sample class assignment

After every lecture the teacher posts the highlights of the course, covered that day. This makes Chinese language class learning more loud and clear to the student. Like this:

What we learned in the 7th lecture?
~Review of Assignments
~Counting 10,000 to 99,999
~Chapter 4, Hsk-1
~several tips about language learning, and practice.

FINALLY, here is a sample Chinese language class assignmentis here:

Assignment against the 7th lecture … (a must do)

1. Practice Mandarin Counting from 10,000 to 99999.
Finally, voice upload in the group in Chinese the following numbers:
10102, 57380, 44990, and 20002

2. Make sentences in Chinese for the following English sentences then voice upload in the group:
– Seema is my classmate.
– They are not your Chinese (language) teacher.
– Where Ahmed is from?
– Who are Saleem and Javed?

Upload before the next Wednesday class that is at 9.20.

Our blog posts also contain some of tips for enriching Chinese language class learning. And also our youtube channels are there to provide some of the helpful recources.