Chinese language practice is very important, even after course completion. We can help you in different ways, like:

  1. First, at the very start of every session, we give a complete set of video lectures. They are topically organized. You can directly pick the lecture you want to practice or revise, anytime anywhere. Chinese language practice is very important, even after course completion. These video lectures can be always your companion.
  2. Our “Xtra mile club” is a grand forum for our senior students. It is a WhatsApp group. Here serious students can practice with help of the teacher and Axinstitute senior fellows. There is No Limit for such language practice. It only depends upon you; how active you want to be in the group, and enhance your Chinese language practice.
  3. In addition to this,  we don’t delete of your own class group, even after your course completion. It means you can always be active in that group too. There you can continue interacting with your class-fellows and increase your Chinese language learning.
  4. In our ongoing groups, off and on, we also invite interested pass-out students. This is usually ‘on request activity’.
  5. Sometimes we hold online grand classes, to give language practice, as opportunity to the motivated serious student. Thist is like a get-together. Such ocassions become a good option for Chinese language practice together.
  6. We also maintain different valuable Chinese language learning recources for our students. This helps them in Chinese language practice and update related knowledge. For example: Chinese Baatein, Axinstitute’s youtube channel 1 & 2, not to forget our blogs.