Nowadays everyone is facing a hard time in his work field and many have even lost their jobs or closed their businesses whether big or small. Today we are gonna let you know about opportunities that are still waiting for you if you know how to speak Chinese. Many people like you have started working in China because they have +1 skill. They just learned to speak Chinese language and now some are establishing their own business, many have gotten their dream job and many are just sitting while watching their business grow at a rapid pace. CPEC has also influenced the job industry and created opportunities for many individuals to start their own business. Keep reading to know all about the work opportunities in China or CPEC:


  • Translator or Interpreter

When someone visits a new place & doesn’t know their language the easiest way to communicate is to talk in English but when the people of that area also can’t speak English then they have to hire a translator or interpreter, whether they visited for a holiday or professional purposes. Being a Pakistani you will have a plus point of bilingual nature that will help you a lot in the profession of translator or interpreter. Because Pakistanis speak so many languages in their own country they are able to learn any new language faster than others. Pakistanis who can speak Chinese can work as interpreters for Chinese to Urdu, Chinese to English, English to Urdu & Chinese to other local languages of Pakistan.


  • Engineer

Seeing the rapid growth in industrialization, the need for engineers in China is multiplied. Which welcomes foreigners with best engineering skills and speakers of Chinese language are preferred over any other language. China is expanding their businesses worldwide by recruiting from every corner of the globe to get them at the top. Pakistanis have the benefit of being their neighbor and friend which will help them get a job on a preferred basis.



  • Doctors

China is taking steps on the ladder of success daily, not leaving any field of life spared; they are working on the betterment of every aspect of life. As the COVID hit first China they didn’t make any excuses but made strict decisions and started to find a cure for it. With no doubt we can say that China is working hard in its medical industry so it has some of the best medical universities around the world. China offers a scholarship program to foreigners who can be future doctors to save human lives. Being a doctor in China can be hard because they have very strict rules and regulations about their study and application. But in the case of Pakistanis, we see Pakistani doctors & nurses all around the world giving their best and performing extraordinary things that the own nationals of the country are unable to do. This hardworking and responsible attitude of Pakistani Medical professionals is a reference to get a scholarship to learn for free and work to get paid a lot in China 



Above are just 3 main opportunities for work in China, there are many more related to them which will be told in the next blog so keep reading till then and must give your comment if you find our blogs useful.