Market Chinese Course Module

Module 3: what are learning details?

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The main focal point in Modul 3 is building up of advanced stage of the conversational skills. This is done with the help of integrated listening activities & class role-plays. Time tested psychological learning techniques are applied to the swift acquisition of the language. The next main goal is a [...]

Module 2: what are major learning points?

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There are two main focus areas of Module 2. Both are achieved because of the combined move of the trainer and group of motivated students: The primary focus is on developing the Speaking & Listening Skills of the participants, with the help of integrated listening sessions & group role plays. [...]

Module 1: what are major learning milestones?

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The primary target of Module 1 is very challenging, but because of smart techniques and our students' motivation, we achieve success every time, Alhamdulillah. Major learning points are below: -Introduction to Chinese Language -Introduction to International Romanization System: Pinyin -Detailed learning of Pinyin: Initials, Finals, Tones, Modification of Tones, Tone [...]

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