The main focal point in Module-3 is building up of advanced stage of the conversational skills. We do this with the help of integrated listening activities & class role-plays. While teaching, we apply the psychological techniques which we have tested over a decade. This helps in swift acquisition of the language.
The next main goal is a well-thought input of Chinese vocabulary & grammatical structures; which we use to teach in the earlier two modules.
Some more important direct tips in light of Chinese business culture we teach in Module-3. This knowledge directly helps with business negotiations and bargaining.
More to the above solid activities, We complete HSK-2 remaining 10 chapters, plus selected chapters of Workbook of HSK-2 is also teach in Module-3

We also discuss CPEC with a focus on certain regional points, this is a great help for those who are dealing with Chinese, here or abroad. Therefore this is a topic of special interest for businessmen and professionals.


Our Market Chinese program is a Business focused course. It is a well designed and well tested Online system of learning. Since 2010, we are teaching it to students; at various locations and different capacities. Yet, year by year, we are constantly enriching and refining the course content and methodology. We are doing this all in light of the latest experiences.
And as you know, CPEC and Gwadar Port are the Game Changers for Pakistan. Therefore, learning spoken Chinese language is always in direct benefit of the learners. Many of our businessmen and professionals are already aware of this. No wonder, why Market Chinese has become a Star course, which Axinstitute for Chinese Language is offering. By now, several businessmen and professionals have learned it. Also many of them have passed International exams too; mostly with flying number.

Those who have learned, are now using Chinese language in their respective fields, and businesses. Moreover, thousands of students from different universities and high schools have also learned it.

On topic of Online Classes, on can find quite a good writeups, blogs, and videos. In this perspective going through Axinstitute’s students’ feedbacks might also be of your interest. Bon Voyage.