How to call Family Members in Chinese?

Family members are the closest element of any person in his life. In every language, there are different words that address a family member or any close relation. Today we are gonna tell you the most used words for family members in Chinese language. The first and most important [...]

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3 sentences to tell your name in Chinese

In the following blog, you'll get to know the easiest ways to tell your name in Chinese. In China, most people are called by their surnames. But what if you get some questions like: Nǐ shì shéi? Who are you? OR Nǐ jiào shénme míngzì? What's your name? The answers [...]

5 More facts about China & Chinese in 2021

Being a good neighbor it is important to know facts and myths about your neighboring country. Especially when you are doing business with them. China borders a big piece of land in Asia with seashores and ports. Which suits their economic development. Today we are gonna tell you some [...]

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How I can learn Chinese online?

You are looking for a job but missing the opportunities in Chinese firms. Because you weren't found eligible due to the only lack of Chinese language skills. Then you don't have to worry now. Today you'll get to know the easiest way to learn Chinese Online. Which will help you [...]

CPEC & Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Pakistan

After China’s proposal to build CPEC Pakistan has faced many changes in its geographical and economic maps and strategies. When China started participating in the development of Pakistan through CPEC It selected some areas to do their major work and called them the Special Economic Zones. An area in [...]

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