5 Daily Habits of Every Chinese

With CPEC at its developing phase, the importance of learning Chinese language has seen an up-word trend here in Pakistan, as engagement between the people of both nations increases. Whilst learning Chinese language one gets familiar with the culture and daily practices of citizens of the People’s Republic of China; which has led them to take the helm being an economic power taking over the USA and the Western democracies. Let’s look into five of the most daily practiced habits of Chinese people that stand them out against the rest of the world.

  • Waking up early morningWaking up Early Morning

We all have since our childhood has heard the phrase that early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise – while the people of China take this quite seriously, where they have built on their habit to wake earliest of the morning where they find themselves performing ritual morning prayers, exercise, followed by a healthy breakfast. This provides them sufficient time to reflect upon their life before they hit the daily commute to catch up on their office life.


  • Having their meals on timeEating Habits

While in the whole world the practice of eating your meal in off-hours is taking a toll on people, with hazardous munching after every hour, the people of China prefer taking their meals on time which compliments their sleeping habits quite perfectly; instilling punctuality. The people of China holding considerate importance towards their eating habits and lifestyle keep a well-balanced check on their working hours, which in part and parcel increase the rate of productivity, with healthy living.


  • Drinking hot waterDrinking Habits

As the share of consumption for fizzy drinks saw a dramatic rise post-1980s, with many brands introducing their own line of soda as an alternate of water; the people of China have habitually shunned this practice, they not only avoid fizzy drink, but they also prefer water consumption which is not chilled, but rather lukewarm in temperature, which as studies suggest providing for our immune system energy to fight against the daily fatigue, which in return provide us with wholesome energy to make up to our daily commitment and task.

  • Taking nap after lunchTaking Nap After Lunch

In China, if you visit a factory or office or any workplace after lunchtime like 2 0r 3 pm you will find everyone sleeping. Taking a nap after having lunch is necessary because after eating the stomach needs some energy to digest your food & if you start working the energy will be sent to your brain. Thus taking a nap after lunch is beneficial for both your mind and your body. Chinese people make sure that this habit is practiced nationwide so they can grow faster than they are now.


  • Sleeping early at nightSleeping Early at Night

Sleeping early at night always seems to be a good habit as it is. But when you have a lot of work piled up it becomes hard for you to sleep early or sometimes even taking a nap gets impossible. But in China sleeping early is not a rare thing. Even while having a bundle of work Chinese people sleep early on time and wake up early so that their productivity increases and they manage not to pile up the work late at night.


All of the above habits might show that the Chinese are health conscious but no one can deny the fact that these habits are taking them to the road of ruling the world.

If you want to adopt these habits of Chinese, which one would be your first?