Video Lectures will certainly help you. No problem, if some day you miss a class, for some reason. In fact, you can catch up anytime. Not only this, but with these recorded lectures in hand, you can revise as well. As many times as you want.

Let us tell you about our standard practice, in this regards. At the end of each class, we clearly inform our students in their whatsapp group, about the topics covered. Knowing this, a student who could not attend certain class, can catch-up easily. All by using the video lectures.

Although we do not advise to miss a class, but we do understand that sometimes you have to; because of traveling, or other engagement or reason. In any case, you will see these recorded lectures are a great resource for learning.

We share with students, the link to these video lectures; well in advance; even before session starts.

Why not have a glympse of these lectures here.