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Success stories

Chinese language for Your Success

Falak Sher Zaman: Chief Representative at UBL Beijing, telling about his exposure to China & Chinese language after taking classes from Axinstitute.

Rumaisa Iftikhar: is a social activist and a student from Peshawar. She is very keen to learn things out of the box, and she was one of the most brilliant students.

Engr Bashir Ahmed Zeeshan: Completed Corporate & Market Chinese Courses. Experienced IP Telecom Professional / Multi-Cloud Enthusiast, CKAD, ACE(MCNA), 2 x HCSA, 2 x ACA, 2 x OCI

Mehmood Moten: sharing his experience after taking Online Market Chinese classes form Axinstitute. Telling that Online classes made it easy to learn & he got more knowledge than he thought in physical classes.

Saima Gul: teacher from Lahore is very impressed by our teaching methods. She never thought that someone can learn to speak Chinese language by taking just 2 classes in a week.

Hunain Mansoor: Talks about his learning in module 1 of the Market Chinese Course. He is the owner of Hunain Enterprises in the Pakistani Shoe Industry, looking forward to spread business in neighboring countries.

Zia Ahmed: telling that after learning Chinese Language and their culture, how easy & comfortable it has become for him to communicate with Chinese businessmen.

Yasmeen Bano: sharing her views after learning at Axinstitute. She is so happy with a positive and encouraging environment which helps in learning much faster.

Tuba Chohan: Shares her learning experience with our core trainer in the Market Chinese Course.Tuba Chohan is an Entrepreneur at Fatima Fertilizers.

Siddiq Pirani: Market Chinese Online student,gives his feedback in Memoni after completion of the course. Mr. Siddiq Pirani (Customer Service Executive, Air China)

Huzaifa Chabra: Shares his experience of how easy it was to learn Chinese with Axinstitute. Mr. Chabra is a Pakistani businessman & practice goods import from China.

Armeen: is a HSC student and very keen to learn new languages. After learning Chinese from Axinstitute she is very much satisfied with her choice to learn Chinese.

Amit Joshi: Speaking Chinese was never this easy. After completion of Module 03 Market Chinese Online. Learn how Mr. Amit Joshi a Real Estate Executive from Dubai built trust to his Chinese clients.

Ayaz Gul: From Ghotki Sindh is one of the hardworking students, telling his experience of the Chinese learning in Sindhi.

Hashaam Sohail: “The best thing of the course was you always gave us time to practice”

Rushna Sarmad: was very curious about what she waas learning at beginning but after some time she realized the amount of language she has learnt.

Sheheryar Khan: Businessman in Solar Energy Solutions (LALA TRADERS) from SWAT, KPK. Pashto main Online Market Chinese (Module-1) ka experience share kr rhy hyn.

Engr. Gulzar Ali: is an experienced engineer in the Corporate Sector. Shares his experience in Sindhi, after completion of Module 1 of Market Chinese by Axinstitute.

HIRA AHMED: Shares from her experience at Axinstitute.HIRA is a digital creator, influencer, & makeup artist.

Sheikh Umer: Lahore based businessman hopeful of learning more in the future. He knew very little before joining our Market Chinese course and now he can speak what he wants to communicate about.

Ali Raza: young businessman in mechanical equipment, was so glad that he met us because he was not sure if he could speak Chinese, he got his inspiration from our Student Hunain Mansoor.

Armeen: After completing module 2 is so thankful. She can even translate Chinese videos hile watching.

Mehmood Elahi: Online Market Chinese student, Mr Mehmood Elahi (C.A.O Servis Tyres) shares his experience after completion of course

Adil Arifeen: From Lahore speaks up about his amazing experience of learning Chinese Language with Axinstitute. Adil is Lahore based businessman in Logistics(Koldkarrier) from China.

Razaat Chishty: Director GTA at Afiniti had a very good experience with Chinese language in our recent corporate Chinese course. He was so impressed by the teaching methodologies of Sir Asim during the course

Suleman Tariq Sahab: telling about his learning & experience at Axinstitute & in China after completing Module 1 of Market Chinese. Mr. Suleman Tariq is a Category Head in Dawlance Pakistan.

Rabia Sultana: a mother of 4 kids aimed to learn Chinese to teach her kids who study in a school in China. She obtained 100% marks in HSK1 &2 exams.

Hadia Hameed: Data Scientist at Afiniti, likes the integrated learning methods used to teach Mandarin that would help her alot in the field.

Imran Shabbar: Program Architect DBA at Afiniti

Omer Jan: Director at Afiniti, has built up an extensive set of vocabulary and now he knows what he has to work upon to do better than others.

Hasan Shabbir:
‘Practice is necessary to relate’
What else HASSAN SHABIR a Pakistani businessman said to the people learning Chinese.

Sarmad Jamal: Project Manager at Afiniti

Nizam Ud Din: Data Engineer at Afiniti

Shahzad Karim Lalani: Data Engineer at Afiniti

Hira Yasmeen: school teacher, although she couldn’t attend all classes but she is so much satisfied with the knowledge she have after attending Online classes for the first time.

Abdullah Bashir: Our youngest foresighted student got motivated by his father & took the decision of learning Chinese. As you can see how good are the results.

Humayoon Saleem: often visits China for his business deals, after completing Market Chinese Online he tells everyone that how hard it can get to visit a place if you don’t know the language

M Ali: is thankful to the teacher for training him to speak the language, “Before joining the Market Chinese course I wasnt able to understand a word of the Chinese language but now I can make sentences my own”, he added.

Fauzia Mohsin: Quran teacher & a housewife had interest in learning Chinese Language. After taking the classes from a Chinese teacher she was not satisfied with her skill, so she turned to us.

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