His Motivation of Learning

The Main Inspiration…

Before looking at the introduction of founder of Axinstitute for Chinese Language, it would be important to know that who was the main source of inspiration behind all this?

He was the founder’s Marhoom Father, Syed Imaduddin Qadri, who motivated him and couple of his friends to learn this great language ASAP; it was pertaining to the future regional importance of the language.. and interestingly his visionary advice dates back to 1999 (20 years back as seen in 2019); it was when the words CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), OBOR (One Belt One Road), and BRI (Belt & Road Initiative) were not even coined here.

May Allah bless his soul always.

10 years in Chinese Language Training

The famous Chinese Language Pakistani Teacher, Asim Qadri (Chinese name Āxìn / 阿信) has overall 22 years of experience in academics & corporate sector; and 10 years in teaching & training Business Chinese to the industries and universities.

Location of his Āxìnstitute for Chinese Language is central.. at Shara-e- Faisal, Nursery; is successfully serving as one of the best Chinese Language Institutes in Karachi; focusing on training of functional business Chinese; catering fast track needs of the corporate sectors; also to tap for students CPEC, OBOR, BRI, Gwadar Port or the Silk Road related opportunities.

As in China languages are several; but main business language is Mandarin (about 90%); which is generally referred as Chinese language; the same, this language school of Asim Qadri focuses on. Although the primary audience are businessmen and professionals, but senior students who want to go to China for education are also getting benefits of Axinstitute Help-desk for HSK Certification. These are the International exams organised by Beijing based Confucius Institute at Hanban, which are also conducted every months locally at University of Karachi. And it is about the world recognized certification; in others words its like IELTS by The British Council when it comes to English language.

In fact after completing just 5-week Module 1, our students get enough knowledge and motivation at Axinstitute, that with little efforts they can appear in Level 1 of HSK or YCT, and pass with high marks; on average 85 to 99%; even some students are hitting 100% too. Knowing that at many places out there, on average students study 3 to 4 months for HSK level-1 preparation, but because of fast track methodology developed by the Core trainer Asim Qadri, the students of Axinstitute achieve in just 5 weeks.

In Universities & Corporate

For a decade, Asim Qadri who is known as Chinese Language Trainer, is imparting Chinese language training; using instruments like organizational in-house sessions, institute batch modules, and prestigious universities’ semester programs.

For Corporate Training he has trained several individual Businessmen, Corporate in-house groups, or their in individual nominees. They are from multifaceted strata of organizations; Media, Telecom, Textile, Shoes, Apparel, Seafood, Mega Event Management, Education, Heavy Machinery, Paint and Construction Industries are prominent. IOdigital, Kansai Paints (Pvt) Ltd and International Exhibition organizers like Ecommerce Gateway Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd are to name a few.

Most of the participants are actively into the Projects and ventures of Pakistan China Economic Corridor. (پاک چین اقتصادی راہداری)

And to take example of the later, he taught several courses at PAF KIET, IoBM, Indus University and Habib Girls School, and Habib Girls College. His audience /students are from diversified walks of life; businessmen, professionals and universities.

See him in Media..

Being in Chinese Language Teaching & Training for years, Asim Qadri is well known in the field. You can see his prominent presence in main stream media; for instance he and his academy Axinstitute for Chinese language has been interviewed, featured and covered in ARY NEWS TV, Daily Dawn, HUM news, Express Tribune, The Friday Times- Weekly, Asia Weekly / China Daily Asia, FM-105 (twice). Understandably, these coverage themselves are playing important role in Pak-China friendship.

Here is ARY’s coverage of May 2017, for instance...

Direct approach for busy-bees..

(those who are looking for Practical Business Chinese Course which they can join and complete with their busy schedules)

Asim Qadri’s approach in teaching Chinese .. is an optimal mix of highly interactive sessions; audio visual aids and simulation based learning. Thereby enabling the learner to communicate in functional spoken Chinese; quicker. Participants are taught the language mainly using Int’l Pīnyīn System (拼音), which is in use worldwide; inside and outside China successfully.

Asim Qadri’s this direct benefit-based approach is continuously helping his students in reaping business benefits, specially BRI / OBOR and CPEC related; also in job seeking; starting journey of becoming Chinese language translator / interpreter..

Businessmen, professionals & students’ choice

Main strata of Asim Qadri’s students are Businessmen, Professionals and Students in famous Universities, and academies. His activities are spread over Axinstitute for Chinese language, famous universities / academies, corporate groups and private individuals mostly businessmen who’r frequent travelers to China.

In addition to Chinese, Asim Qadri, since 1997 being educationist and corporate trainer in disciplines like marketing, management & human communication; has been teaching; training variety of subjects at IBA (2001-2); different varsities and business enterprises too.

An MBA in Marketing; having passion for foreign languages learning & teaching, he completed his Mandarin course in 2010; Diploma Certification from Chinese Language Tutorial Center in Karachi.

Market Chinese

CHINESE FOR BUSINESS is our most popular Program taught by our core Trainer

It covers General & Business needs upto the Foundation Stage.

This Program has TWO modules each of Five Weeks.