Are you the one thinking of learning Chinese? OK!

I know someone told you that Chinese is a very hard language & few can learn it completely, but what if I tell you that even native people don’t know complete Chinese language and very few of them know how to speak complete Chinese language.

Now, let me introduce you to the Chinese language, to get your answer of “How to learn Chinese language?”.

CHINESE is the official language of the People’s Republic of China which is the largest country in the world with a population of 1.4 billion speakers of Chinese language. It is the language spoken by the world’s oldest running civilization which is around 6000 yrs. The Chinese language is influenced a lot by the environment & the culture. Many people say that there are many languages spoken in China. According to non-Chinese people, it is true but the reality is that China covers a lot of land in Asia which has different weather in every region. Due to the change in the environment a speaker’s speaking ability changes so that the dialect of Chinese, but all of them are written in the same script followed all over China that is called “Hanzi”. The Chinese language mainly has 7 main dialects. Which are heard commonly:

  1. Mandarin (Putonghua)
  2. Gan
  3. Kejia (Hakka)
  4. Min
  5. Wu
  6. Xiang
  7. Yue or Cantonese

Mandarin Chinese is the most common dialect of Chinese language spoken in China which is understood and spoken by foreigners too. The Chinese Government made Mandarin the standard language to be taught in schools or to foreigners. The Introduction ends here, now the real answer to the question is the method I’m going to write down for you.

  • Can You Learn Chinese?

The most difficult task to do is to analyze yourself for the decision you are making. In the case of the Chinese language, do a little research about the language.

Watch some online free lessons, you can also take the free demo class to get real-time and practical information about Chinese language and culture.

  • Start Learning from PINYIN:

The next step is to learn PINYIN, but 1st let me introduce you to PINYIN.

Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken dialect in China & nearby regions like Taiwan & Singapore.

Which is usually written in the form of characters that are not easy to learn or understand for a foreigner.

So, the Chinese government Romanized Mandarin into English alphabets with the addition of 4 characters written above syllables to show tonal variation.

You can get first-hand knowledge of PINYIN and practice it by watching video lessons on YouTube and following different pages on social media that teach word by word in pinyin and its translation.

  • Gathering the Vocabulary:

Now you know what Pinyin is, so start learning vocabulary in Pinyin like you did in English or any other language, the more vocabulary you have the more you are able to communicate. Make it your goal to learn at least 5 words in Chinese (pinyin) daily and keep increasing the number if you are doing well.

  • Making the sentences yourself:

Since you might have learned tons of words but why are you learning them?

You can start making sentences with the help of the methods I’ll mention below.

  1. Either Join Private Chinese classes
  2. Try translating your daily use sentences into Chinese.

In my opinion, you should go for Chinese classes because you can’t do it the way a teacher would make you do. In the other case pleco is a good option to get your translations verified.

  • Include Chinese in your Daily Life:

Including Chinese in your daily life will be the best method for you to learn it quicker than all others. You Can use it while asking for water, food, lunch, meal, telling the time, asking for time, or anything.

There is another way that is to join a course where you will do a real-time practice of daily use sentences and polish your communication skills.

  • Improving the Tones:

Now you are able to create & speak sentences of your own. Well if you communicate with a native he/she will try their best to understand but if they don’t what option do you have?

Bringing perfection to the delivery of tones is your next step.

Watch some Chinese dramas, serials, or movies and mimic them so you will be able to speak like them.

  • Start Character writing:

Chinese character writing is an art with extreme knowledge.

The Character is written with strokes of a brush or pen.

There are basic 5 strokes to make a character which goes to the number of 41.

Start learning a character per week then you will find your mental horizon to another level.

  • Practice Everyday:

Now you have both basic and professional abilities to speak or write Chinese language.

Schedule your daily learning time with an alternate new word or a sentence (in all forms, pinyin written & spoken also the character).

Give at least 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes every day.

It is better to eat in chunks than to swallow a whole food at once.


Concluding the above talk, I would suggest you find a learning method suitable to your routine & once found keep following the routine. Practice daily and help yourself and society. If you can’t stick to a learning schedule. There is crack for you that is the amazing Market chinese course offered by Axinstitute in very pocket-friendly fee for students and business professional. The output rate is 100% accomplishment of speaking & understanding goals of active businessmen in China. Make sure to attend their FREE introductory class which will clear your thoughts for sure.