There are two main focus areas of Module 2. Both are achieved because of the combined move of the trainer and group of motivated students:

  • The primary focus is on developing the Speaking & Listening Skills of the participants, with the help of integrated listening sessions & group role plays.
  • The Secondary main goal is a well-designed building up on Chinese vocabulary & grammar foundation; which was established in Module 1.
  • Some more vital business tips in light of Chinese Culture are discussed.
  • In addition to the above activities, HSK-1 remaining 5 chapters are covered, plus HSK-2’s first 3 chapters are also covered. Workbook of HSK-1 is also addressed so that the students preparing for exams get handy tips for speedup in their progress.
  • CPEC and BRI are summarised for students, this is a great help for those who are dealing with Chinese, here or abroad.