5 Daily Habits of Every Chinese

5 Daily Habits of Every Chinese With CPEC at its developing phase, the importance of learning Chinese language has seen an up-word trend here in Pakistan, as engagement between the people of both nations increases. Whilst learning Chinese language one gets familiar with the culture and daily [...]

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How learning Chinese language will benefit Pakistanis?

How learning Chinese language will benefit Pakistanis? People with Chinese speaking skills are multiplying their income each day. The frequent investments and interest of Chinese companies in Pakistan are bringing many opportunities for Pakistanis. These companies are keen to hire Pakistani locals, so they don’t have [...]

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Languages that Chinese Understand

LANGUAGES THAT CHINESE UNDERSTAND China, officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is the largest country in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country, with a population of around 1.4 billion and these 1.4 billion people speak their own language which you call Chinese. Chinese civilization is [...]

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ASIANS LEARN IT QUICKER! As China is growing & spreading their business rapidly throughout the world. It's a huge opportunity for the world and of course for China itself, but there are many barriers in the way. The first and big barrier/issue is the 'language'. In the [...]

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