Why learn Chinese language?

Just four important reasons will answer your question:

  1. Nowadays, because of its global commercial importance, knowing Chinese Language will help you in almost all walks of life: Business, professions, travel, education, and the list goes on. Everybody knows about China’s marvelous growth in the last 40 years, its standing in world trade, and global power.
  2. On top of it, for our region, especially Pakistan, CPEC is definitely a game-changer, and those who would know Chinese would surely reap its benefits more than others. In fact, progressive people have already started to learn it, and many pass outs are enjoying its benefits in their respective fields.
  3. Chinese (Mandarin) is the official language of the world’s largest & most populous country in the world. It has almost 1.4 billion speakers around the world. 90% of China speaks and does business in it.
  4. Finally, Chinese is not just a language, as Chinese is said to be a part and parcel of a 6000-year old civilization too. Obviously learning the language of this cadre would be a great benefit for the learners.

Why join Axinstitute?

Check out this quick reply:

We at Axinstitute for Chinese language, will not only teach you the functional Mandarin Chinese Language on fast track, but will also train you about Chinese Culture. You can apply this language and culture in the field: from speaking the first tone to a conversation with a group of Chinese. This will have a direct impact on your goal achievements.

Axinstitute’s certified trainers with their amazing skills will carve & polish you as a top achiever in your business; job and studies. Our teaching techniques time tested, being used for 11 years. These all are direct techniques; they are quite easy for learners and effective for any age.

The beneficiaries of our system are our 5000+ successful students, whom we taught online or on location; at our institute, universities, or colleges.

You can learn anytime and anywhere, whether you are the only one, a group of friends, a Corporate team. Our customizable courses and programs are being used for groups of businessmen & professionals, or even for your kids.

What are the Salient Features of the Courses?

“The Direct Approach” matters a lot

Take an example. Many foreigners think that because of Tonal nature of Chinese language it is difficult to learn. True for some. But when you would start learning at Axinstitute, you would start by knowing the commonalities first. Our direct teaching mechanism correlates Chinese sounds with our own local and regional languages’ own sounds, because of which it becomes easier for you to start speaking Chinese Language at a very early stage. This is just one example of how the Direct approach works. You will enjoy and experience the same methodology throughout your learning.

The Power of Cultural Knowledge learning

Suppose you learned some Chinese language somewhere, and you just have started to use it. Now it may happen while talking with your Chinese client that according to your language understanding, you are using the right phrase or sentence, but he or she is misunderstanding it, ultimately you are not getting the desired results.

Here comes the role of having basic cultural knowledge. That’s why having the essential knowledge of the Chinese culture, and especially the business “Do’s & Dont’s” is necessary to communicate in a sure shot manner; all to seal the deal of your good relationship with your Chinese counterparts. Axintituite will help you a lot in this too.

Live & Online, country-wide; even global

Learning Online along with classmates from all over Pakistan, even UAE, Saudi Arabia, America, Canada, Europe; from around the world will help you in confidence with global citizens, it is not only fun but at times it works as a ladder for your international business. In the nutshell, connecting with Axinstitute for Chinese Language will be beneficial for you in many ways; speaking a new language is a part of it.

International Exam Help-desk

Although the main target of our programs is to enable you to speak Chinese in your field, we also motivate our students to appear in the International Chinese exam, if they want. These international exams are called HSK, and the certificates are recognized globally. It helps you directly in your Professional growth, Education in China, and indirectly in your Business and Trade. Therefore the courses offered by Axinstitute will also enable you to appear in these internationally recognized exams, and pass with flying numbers, some of of our students also achieve 100% marks.

Which course should I register for?

Register for one which fits your needs. Here is the Course Showcase, select one:

Market Chinese Language

Fast-track Group classes

  • The Star Online course
  • Business & Market focused
  • Multiple day & time options
  • Three self-sufficient modules
  • Easy & Direct tested approach
  • Recorded Video lectures full support
  • Class size is 15 students max. Per section
  • Business culture Sessions with negotiation tips

This course is recommended for Businessmen, Professionals & Senior students, who are interested in Online Group Learning. Especially suited for busy persons. (Age:15-55)

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Self-study Chinese Language

Standard Recorded Lectures
(Market Chinese Program)

  • Business & Market focused
  • Easy & Direct tested approach
  • Language learning at students own pace
  • Business culture Sessions with negotiation tips
  • Recorded version of the popular Market Chinese Course

This is for learning practical Chinese for the workplace with our flexible self-study online courses. Your subscription will enable your access to upgraded versions of this online Chinese course.

This course is recommended for Businessman, Professional & Senior students, who are interested in Online Self-Study (no age limit)


Corporate Chinese Language

Industry-specific program

  • Online
  • Courses & workshops
  • Corporate focused Program
  • Easy & Direct tested techniques
  • Pragmatic & Interactive learning
  • Courses Customized to achieve High ROI
  • Recorded Video lectures full support (optional)
  • Language learning with Business culture negotiation tips

Standard Business Chinese Programs – 10 weeks, but maybe extended or shortened as per the corporate target. The Customized program as per your requirements; covers vocabulary unique to your business sector or industry.

Day-long Corporate workshops are also there (to gain a better understanding of Chinese business culture or learn to use common business vocabulary).

This course is recommended for Corporate Groups, who are interested in Online Customized Group classes (Age: 18 to 55)


Private Chinese Language

Personalized learning

  • Online Flexible course
  • Target customized tips
  • Easy & Direct approach
  • Choice focused program
  • Practice intensive sessions
  • Recorded lectures support
  • Offered in اردو & English both

This course is recommended for Individuals or private small groups, who are interested in Online flexible classes (Age: 5 to 55)

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Kiddy Chinese Language

Fun Mandarin for Kids

  • Online Group learning
  • Engaging outline
  • Involving role-plays
  • Kids activities focused
  • 2 Self-sufficient modules
  • Interactive & Participative

Axinstitute has come up with a great idea of teaching Chinese Language to kids in a highly interactive and fun learning way. Kids really enjoy learning new things in a fun way.

Therefore, Chinese for kids is a highly recommended course. It simply transforms kids’ free time into productive activity, resulting in grooming their future profile in the professional world.

This course is recommended for Individuals or private small groups, who are interested in Online flexible classes (Age: 5 to 14)